Historical Background of the company

The company CENTRAL GREECE INDUSTRIAL GASES S.A having registered trademark “VIAKEL S.A” is located in Lamia of Greece (210 km in West-North of Athens approximately) and it is addressed in 5,Patroklou str . The company was established in accordance to notarial deed and it has been approved by the Prefect of Fthiotida which has been published in the official gazette.The constructions of the first filling liquid gas & storage station were finished in the area of Damasta in Lamia and the company took the trade license in 1992, which was renewed after the construction of new larger tanks LPG having total storage capacity of 300.000 lt.

The second filling liquid gas station for storage & distribution of liquid gas was established & constructed in the Industrial Zone of Meligala (Messinia, Peloponnisos). It was finished and took the trade licensewith tanks LPG having total storage capacity 130.000 lt. The third filling liquid gas station was established in the Industrial Zone of Ioannina. It took the trade license, with tanks LPG having storage capacity 210.000 lt. The company having the three filling liquid gas stations , succeeded to overpass the storage capacity with LPG tanks of 500.000 lt. that were obliged from the Law and as a result the company achieved to take the Trade License for Petroleum products of all Greece (type C which is gases). The company also proceeded to the establishment of a subsidiary company with the title VIAKEL GAS (ALBANIA) S.A which was currently located at TIRANA and after to FIER of Albania where it constructed similarly to the Greek filling liquid gas stations. The subsidiary company took the Trade License and started to operate at June 1998. Finally the company purchased a percentage of similar company having the title Lubricants & Gases which is located in Alexandroupolis.

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